Monday, February 2, 2015

OC Caravan | Macy Gray | Justin Bower

Justin Bower & Macy Gray

(L-R) Jill Kirkwood Harvey, Keariene Muizz, Macy Gray, and April Johnson at KX 93.5 FM
Photo Credit: Faye's Captured Moments

PODCAST LINK: KX 93.5 FM | OC Caravan | Macy Gray | Justin Bower


Justin Bower is as upbeat as he is off-beat, and I say that as a compliment.  There is a confidence and humility broiling in the thick tenor of his voice as syllables detonate, unsuspectingly, in the same manner as his art.  There is a quiet storm systematically unleashed by Justin. It is strategic, mathematical, and even, which balances the chaos that ripples through the canvas like a mirror crashing on the ground.  His paintings assault you with thier beauty and their larger-than-life dimensions announce, by the breadth of their scale, foot by imperial foot, wall by alpine wall, that we are in the eye of his storm.   And like accomplices casing rooms for something of value -our eyes can not divert from such treasure.  Our pupils widen in wonder, trying to reconcile the shattered parts of ourselves through his pigment-infused rebellion; a dialogue that has somehow begun, miraculously, subsumed in our lifetime, encapsulated in the now.

In his work there is a presence. In his work there is a sense of urgency as we are "visited" by another version of ourselves; the future becomes a part of the immediate as we are transported, in the blink of an eye, to accommodate his adaptation of who we are.

(Images courtesy of the artist)

Spaceboy V (7' x 6'), 2013  Justin Bower

Artist Justin Bower with wife Jaclyn Bower and son.
Moment of Collision (11' x 9'), 2013 Justin Bower

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Body Builder Lauren Powers Drops in Studio


KX 93.5 FM Radio Caravan Episode with Lauren Powers
KX 93.5 FM Laguna Beach | Radio Caravan Team
Jim Bastian, Jill Kirkwood Harvey, Keariene Muizz, April Johnson, (Guest) Lauren Powers, Katy Fetters & Scott Hays

Lauren Powers is an OC based body builder.  She stopped in to the show to discuss her series of plastic surgeries and forthcoming book. If she looks familiar you may have seen her on the "Real Housewives of Orange County" or in Lady GaGa's "Telephone" music video.  There's no shortage of talent in our community.  Lauren got the entire KX 93.5 FM, Radio Caravan team fired up! #flexin

Lauren Powers with Lady GaGa

Friday, January 9, 2015

"Up to Speed" with Keariene Muizz | Arts & Culture Reporter for Radio Caravan on KX 93.5 FM

Keariene Muizz | Covering Arts & Culture Live On-Air on KX 93.5 FM

Join me, live, each week at 8 am (Pacific Standard Time) to hear my segment "Up to Speed," where I get listeners current on the latest and greatest in the art world. The current scope of my show segment has led to the breakdown of phenomenal one-on-on interviews with A-List talent -from galleries, artists, sculptors, dancers, curators and critics. 

For national and international listeners you can still listen live. Just set your alarm and  Click Here!

(Podcasts to come...)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Paris Everyday | Snapshot of Fall Look Book

Don't ask me how the photographer managed to trick my crooked smile from making an appearance, but some moments are just good to you.

Wearing the I (heart) Rock n Roll industrial cardboard cuff & matching earrings in this shot. Available now at The Seed People's Market at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Soon to be found in retailers nationwide.

I'm also designing jewelry freelance and it's being purchased by a major retailer. Wish I could say more but I guess that's why G-d made confidentiality agreements, right?!  :S

I actually don't like talking about things until they happen, which may be why I'm the world's slowest blogger. In any event, I do somehow feel that the best part of my life is taking place now.

Photo Credit: (The Amazing) Mr. Wesley Singh