Monday, August 20, 2012

Paris Everyday | Snapshot of Fall Look Book

Don't ask me how the photographer managed to trick my crooked smile from making an appearance, but some moments are just good to you.

Wearing the I (heart) Rock n Roll industrial cardboard cuff & matching earrings in this shot. Available now at The Seed People's Market at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Soon to be found in retailers nationwide.

I'm also designing jewelry freelance and it's being purchased by a major retailer. Wish I could say more but I guess that's why G-d made confidentiality agreements, right?!  :S

I actually don't like talking about things until they happen, which may be why I'm the world's slowest blogger. In any event, I do somehow feel that the best part of my life is taking place now.

Photo Credit: (The Amazing) Mr. Wesley Singh

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