Monday, October 11, 2010


LOUISE: My boyfriend, spirituality, Bhakti, love, the sun, Hindu gods and goddesses!!

CHRISTIANNA: Open mic, words, live music, art, spirituality, open minds, the ocean, the sky, the stars, the pyramids in Egypt, Ibiza, anything magical or mystical, memories, freedom, passion LOVE!!!

CRYSTAL BASIN CELLARS WINERY: Shopping at the farmer's market when I'm hungry.

KATHERINE: Integrity

MARK: Love, beauty, G-d, sex, success

DEREK: The success of friends

MARISA: I'm inspired by any living creature in one way or another. But I'm always moved by the sight and sound of the ocean, hearing the wind in the trees, watching my kids play together, knowing someone is crying or that someone has overcome something difficult. I'm inspired by loyalty and staying positive. I'm inspired by other cultures and history. And I am so inspired by the US Military! Our soldiers are INCREDIBLE!

ARMANDO: The way her smile causes those cut little dimples. The way her eyes are shaped like dumplings. The way she hugs me and I feel safe. The way her kiss sends little shocks through my entire body, leaving me feeling this indescribable feeling that only she has ever made me feel, real love. The way her personality outshines everybody else. Her intellect, sweetness, and the fact that she is shooting for the stars. Lastly, the way her imperfections make her perfect to me.

AID: ...selfless Human endeavour, intuition and creativity chaperoned by nature'shonest embrace

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