Monday, May 31, 2010





(Left) Sister holding bracelet before trek to Afghanistan
(Center) Sketch for Petales D'Hier
(Right) Sacred Stones Bracelet

My sister Indi has always been my muse. (The easiest job in the world, by the way. Perks include bragging rights, a permanent OC beach vacay spot, and endless hours of ego massaging by yours truly.) Before my sis was deployed for Afghanistan earlier this year I mailed the bracelet she inspired over to her and asked that she take a picture of her expression when she opened the box so I could see the look on her face. She had no clue what was in the box. (Insert SNL joke here.)

Though the Sacred Stones collection was inspired by the loss of my friend Jeanette O'Keefe many things transpired in my life as I created the actual works of art. Indi was deploying to Iraq when I decided to create Petales D'Hier. It was her first deployment. A first four our family. It was not easy knowing baby girl was heading off to a war zone.

I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of losing her as I completed the sketch and prepared my psyche to take to the tremendous task of painting. While other more personal things ensured that Indi had a bad week. I picked her up off the ground and pieced her together. Those who are loved by me especially know that I AM THE ULTIMATE CHEERLEADER and have mastered the ability to point out their strengths. I am like a band-aid in a world that's bound to bruise.

When she called me in 2008, I could hear the tears forming in her throat. I was like, "Don't you know who you are?" I dragged thick triangles of paint on the canvas with my palette knife as I balanced the phone on my shoulder. When we hung up I sent her a text message of what the painting looked like in progress. She sent a text later that evening saying she didn't feel important until she saw the picture of the painting on her phone's screen.

This second deployment has been as critical but less harsh as our hearts have gotten used to the potential that each new day of life shared together is to be celebrated.

As she headed for Afghanistan I wanted to give Indi something that would remind her that I was with her every step of every dusty day. The Sacred Stones Bracelet was made because of the following reasons:
  1. I could not give her the painting.
  2. I could not send her a poster of the painting because I do not currently support the idea of having reproductions of my artwork.
  3. Needed something small that could fit in her pocket.
  4. Wanted her to have a reminder of how important she is.
  5. Needed something portable and capable of enduring harsh weather conditions.
After a couple of trips to Home Depot I began the creation of the bracelet by breaking down cigar boxes, hand sawing the strips of cedar into rectangles. Then I drilled two holes into each cedar block. I failed several times at attaining proper miniatures of the artwork before the final product was fully conceived.

On the inside of her bracelet I inscribed a secret message for her in binary code...something to keep her busy and her mind off her surroundings. She says I think of everything. Indeed I do.

And there you have it.

Be You for You.


Muizz Gallery has Moved to Newport Beach


Just steps away from the ocean Muizz Gallery is now secretly located in Newport Beach. The artwork housed within our gallery has gained the representation of top international art dealers. Though we remain inaccessible to the public to assure the privacy of our collectors it is with great pride that we make this announcement.