Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Legal Graffiti & My first can of spray paint

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The Word of the Day for March 2 is:

didactic \dye-DAK-tik\ adjective
1 a : designed or intended to teach
*b : intended to convey instruction and information as well as
pleasure and entertainment
2 : making moral observations


"The universe would just be an empty space without art." -Keariene
For the past eight months I have been wearing a cuff I designed out of cardboard.  My cuff is black and bears a sequence written in white oil paint beneath a high gloss polish. A-7713. The number assigned to Elie Wiesel during his imprisonment in Auschwitz..

Art, in my opinion, should provoke dialogue and empower one to ask questions, of themselves and all that exists within their surroundings. This is how I measure the meaning of my work. If the answer is "yes," when the question asked is "Did they take a second look?" Only when others measure their experiences and opinions against the message I convey has the end result of my labor been productive.

Many politely inquire about my cuff. "What is A-7713?" Other times I have had to explain who Elie Wiesel is, which is never a bother. With my upcoming collection, I hope to blend powerful imagery and aesthetics with instructions that the past must be retained in the future, as well as, the present.

And, yes. Before it is asked, oil is still my first love and only medium.

Love Peace.


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