Monday, October 19, 2009


I have many friends, known and unknown. As a very private person I will restrict myself to only discussing those whom have impacted my art directly... (scratches head laughing)...and I may refrain from relaying the story even then. Some things are too good to share, even and especially with the world. But to refrain from speaking of Sophie Barjac is to leave out a great piece of my Parisian history. Because I have not owned a television for years and rarely read magazines, I often do not know who people are upon meeting them.

Sophie was one of those people. She is the Diane Keaton of France. Extremely gifted. I was young when we meet. It was mere days after I identified the body of Jeanette O'Keefe. I needed a distraction from the journalists ringing so bad then. So I left the house, something I rarely did. Sophie and I met at a cafe near Trocadero and we've remained close ever since. We speak often.

All the friends in my life have two very striking character traits. The first is a tremendous capacity to freely give and receive love. The second is that they are not pretentious, even if they are wearing a 10 carat diamond ring (and you know who you are). They are the salt of the earth. Sophie Barjac taught me how to speak without an American accent as we read in French for hours on any given day of the week. It got to the point when French people rarely knew I was American. Sophie is my big sister. She is one of few people I allow to give me a nickname. To her I am simply Carrie.

Keep Loving.