Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Adrian Rayment is many things to many people. As a dear friend I have the fortune of knowing Adrian (Aid) beyond his acting career and The Matrix Reloaded. To me, Adrian is the epitome of a renaissance man. His dedication to transcendence is an everlasting romance, a never ending exchange between ideals and emotions. More than most artists I know, Adrian lives to push himself beyond the confines of physicality and all that bodily preoccupation encompasses -a passion I also share but approach from a different direction. And I guess that's why I imagine I'll know him forever, because Adrian is unaware of himself. He is completely unaware of his grandeur. It is in this absence of ego, from the lack of self-consciousness, in which Adrian Rayment is able to deliver the undiluted purity of an emotional event.

Like me, in seeking truth Adrian Rayment takes everything in through the only medium he has ever truly needed, his senses. I have many artists friends and there are experiences that only artists exclusively encounter. I notice that I go to each of them for different things. I usually don't ask people what they do for a living, I'd rather find out what inspires them, and if that includes their occupation -then very well. I've had friends for ten years and never knew what they did for a living. No joke. But what I knew was their love of James Baldwin or how they liked their coffee. I'm a details kinda girl. I can't help it. Well, with Adrian we never discussed work for many years. Then I broke the silence and find that I go to Adrian when I need to feel the company of a collaborative spirit. I love being in the presence of brilliant people. It creates a spark within me.


The metal creations produced by Adrian Rayment are an enlightened deviation from the mundane. The manner in which his tedious calculations not only foreshadow elegance, but calibrate it as part of a divine whole, is an unwavering trait which sustains the glorious ecomiums of critics internationally.

Of all the artist I interact with I notice that I have different types of conversations with each individual. Whenever I discuss art with Adrian Rayment the exchanges usually center on the topic of "the process." I realize I often reveal different parts of myself to different people and that Adrian gets glimpses of the embarrassed and childlike parts of me. Adrian has seen the Keariene that blushes. He has also witnessed the part of me that stands in awe; like the 1,000th time I saw French ultramarine (blue), but the first time I saw it in the tears of an angel in L'Offrande -that was the first time I was in awe of blue, when I grasped that the deceased have prayers and wishes for us too. Therefore, I was naturally curious to explore Adrian's process.

KM: I realize that I have most of my breakthroughs, with regards to business strategy or my work itself almost immediately after I hit a wall. What is your process?

AR: Breakthroughs? I'm convinced my ultimate breakthrough is always just out of reach, it's not a mind set I've nurtured. I intuitively believe in myself as a creative person. How to keep on the creative boil? Immersing myself in being true to myself and subsequently honest to those around me. This attitude is not purely restricted to flesh and blood. I find inspiration, emotive sensation, from man made inanimate objects as well as nature. Natural aspects specifically.


When I began the Sacred Stones Collection I noticed that the feeling I immersed myself in while painting would linger throughout the rest of the day, ruminating about death and how it affects us on a macro and micro level is not exactly a productive thing to do when one is roaming through the aisles of the Home Depot. Therefore, I had to learn how to "turn off" and disconnect from the theme in order to create an emotional barrier between my "art world" and my real one. Reggae music was the cue that would help reset my mood. (Think about it! It's impossible to be sad when you listen to reggae music. You show me a sad reggae song and I'll show you a lie!)


KM: Have you ever had a character linger long after you're work is done? How do you exit it?

AR: A lot of my creative concepts linger in the recesses of my mind's playful corridors. Some have been running a muck for years. They are my fertile projects of the future, my internal muses maturing towards an eventual birth. I do not rush them. I feed them and play with them in waves free of scrutiny and social filters. I let them pull the strings that make me tick, stir my very essence, we grow together in blissful ignorance.


The renaissance men of today are quite different from the days of yore. They have the ability speak in prose one minute and prove themselves as more than capable of holding a riffle and covering your back in a foxhole the next moment. Adrian Rayment is all of these things. He is qualified to pull from any agency which prompts the stimulation of invention, be it martial arts, sculpting, writing or acting. His life is one which fully encompasses all forms of artistry and I am thankful that he is fearless and exacting in all his pursuits that I may continue to stand in awe of his interpretations of existence and all that propels us through it.